Strax and Doctor Disco

Strax and Doctor Disco

So I’m a dog.

You’re probably surprised to read that, and maybe have a question or two. No, I don’t have thumbs. I don’t usually talk to people, other than Doctor Disco, and then only a little. I’m a very unusual dog.

I’m the designated writer in our group of runners (although I have a sneaking suspicion that Doctor Disco won’t be able to help herself). Not that we’re a big group – it’s just me and the Doctor, so technically we’re a pair. We run a lot, but not nearly enough for my taste. I’m going to be writing about what we do on our runs (other than, you know, run), the sorts of places where we run, and the tools we use when we run.

Doc wants to run in a longer run than what we’ve ever run together – her goal is a 10 mile run in Chapel Hill, NC. I know her well enough to know that she really wants to just run, permanently, and not ever stop, but I also know that humans don’t manage that very well. We dogs don’t either, but we come closer to it than you do. But then again, we sleep more than you do.

Obviously my human (and yes, I think of her as my human, and at the same time, part of my pack) is a big fan of Doctor Who – that’s where she got my name. I, in turn, got her name from Doctor Who as well – seeing as how it was important enough for her to pull my name from it, I thought I should do the same thing for her. The character I’m named for is a Sontauran, a race of alien made up of clones so as to better wage war on the universe. These Sontaurans look a great deal like baked potatoes. I do not, however, resemble any sort of food, nor am I warlike or vicious. The Sontaurans are both. The character of Strax is actually a caretaker – he is being punished for his failure to act in a strong, soldierly way by being made to take on the role of nursemaid. He is a bumbling but adorable creature, and I suppose that must be how Doctor Disco sees me. I do not, however, bumble.

My intention in creating this site is to help Doc D to stay true to her intention of running in the 10 miler in the spring, but also to share some helpful information about what I love most: dogs running with people, and people running with dogs.